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  • Is my donation safe and secure?
    Yes. We use a secure payment platform. Hover over the padlock icon next to the url for more info. All credit card details are encrypted and not saved in our system.
  • How are donations used?
    We will use your donations to raise awareness around the world of the plight of Yarden and the other captives, create promotional materials, advertise, and anything else that will help bring Yarden home.
  • Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?
    Yes. Use one of the tax-deductible options listed under the Donation section. We are a registered non-profit organization in Israel, yet it takes time for us to be able to complete all the financial arrangements required for us to produce tax receipts. Therefore, we use the help of our friends at the non-profit called "Kumzits", where you your donation can be recognized for tax purposes.
  • Who is Yarden Romann?
    Yarden Romann (35) is one of approximately 200 people kidnapped from Israel and abducted to Gaza on October 7, 2023. She was taken with her husband, Alon, and their 3 year old daughter, Geffen. Alon and Geffen managed to escape, but Yarden was taken into Gaza, and hasn’t been heard from since.
  • What happened on the day of the abduction?
    On October 7th, 2023, a large group of Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, making their way through towns and kibbutzim, slaughtering 1300 people and abducting 200 more. Terrorists entered the Romann’s home and forcibly abducted the family. Alon’s mother (65) was murdered and his sister (39) was taken by the terrorists. Her fate is currently unknown. Yarden, Alon, and Geffen were taken by terrorists in a stolen vehicle to the Gaza border area. Just before crossing the border, they jumped out of the vehicle, trying to escape. The terrorists then opened fire and gave chase. On the run, Yarden got separated from Alon and Geffen. Alon and Geffen were eventually rescued by IDF forces, after 24 hours in the forest. However, Yarden disappeared without a trace. Eventually, it was confirmed that she was abducted and is now being held hostage in Gaza.
  • Where is Yarden now?
    Yarden was last seen trying to escape from her Hamas captors. Her husband and daughter miraculously managed to hide and survive, but no trace of Yarden has been found. It has been confirmed that she was recaptured and taken into Gaza.
  • How can I help?
    There are many ways to help us bring Yarden home. You can sign a petition demanding that the German government take action and work on behalf of freeing Yarden and the other hostages. You can show your support in a video, image or text that we will send to representatives in the German government. You can contribute monetarily, to help us raise awareness of Yarden’s plight. Finally, you can help us spread the word about Yarden and the other captives. The more people who care, the better the chance that we bring them home.
  • Are there updates on Yarden’s case?
    Currently, we have received no news of Yarden.
  • What is the broader context of this tragedy?
    On October 7th, 2023, a large group of Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, making their way through towns and kibbutzim, slaughtering 1300 people and abducting 200 more. This was the deadliest day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Since then, the IDF has been working to secure Israel and its southern border, first making sure there were no terrorists remaining within Israel, and then preparing for an offensive to eliminate Hamas’s offensive capabilities.
  • How can I stay involved and get updates on Yarden’s case?
    Follow us on social media to stay up to date on any developments in the case.
  • How can I contact the website administrators?
    Email us at
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