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Contact representatives of the German government directly via email, telling them about the victims and asking that they take action for their immediate release.

Follow the steps below

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Hostages in Gaza require your immediate attention.

On October 7th, Gaza militants launched a relentless assault against Israeli soldiers and civilians. In this horrifying event, thousands of innocent lives were lost, and more than 200 people - men and women, old and young - were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.


Among the victims is our beloved Yarden Romann.

Yarden, a 35-year-old German citizen, is married to Alon, and they are the parents of 3-year-old Geffen.


On that black Saturday, Yarden, Alon, and Geffen were abducted by 4 terrorists in a stolen vehicle, heading toward the Gaza border. In a desperate attempt to escape, Alon and Yarden with Geffen in her arms, leaped from the vehicle just before crossing the border, and the terrorists opened fire and pursued them. Yarden entrusted Geffen to Alon, knowing he could run faster and increase Geffen’s chances of survival. Yarden hid while Alon, holding Geffen, continued to run for their lives.


Alon and Geffen hid for a grueling 24 hours in the wild, barefoot, without food or water, until they were rescued by IDF forces. Regrettably, since that day, we haven’t received any sign from Yarden.

Geffen is looking for her mother, and misses her every single day.

Like Geffen, there are thousands of children who are looking for their parents, and parents who are looking for their children.

We invite you to join us in our mission to bring our families home.


For the sake of humanity - choose to be on the right side of history.

Please take immediate action.

With great concern,

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